A discussion on the issue of placing unreachable and unhealthy goals in young girls minds

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Thursday, August 30 Emily Roberts MA, LPC Girls, today, have an increasingly difficult time with developing and maintaining high self-esteem due to numerous factors.

One major contributor to low self-esteem is their exposure to media.

Understanding Eating Disorders in Pictures: Anorexia, Binge Eating, and More

We need to start talking to our girls at younger ages about what media images really are. Our dialogue with ourselves begins before grade school. If we can give our children the language and insight to feel confident and secure, along with the education to withstand the pressure to fit a societal model, they will have a better chance of surviving adolescence unscathed.

At 12 years old, she came into treatment weighing 62 pounds.

A discussion on the issue of placing unreachable and unhealthy goals in young girls minds

I was shocked she was standing! She was sassy, clever, and became angry with her eating disorder for putting her in treatment, rather than finishing up her middle school years with her friends.

In a group session, Bailey shared with other adolescent girls that her negative body image and self-esteem decline began earlier than her issues with food. She said she remembered feeling insecure about her body after watching one of her favorite shows on the Disney Channel.

I thought she was perfect. The rest of the adolescents chimed in, talking about images and actresses they were exposed to at such young ages; all of which would appear normal programming to most parents.

The girls admitted that these images still plagued them. This is not an unusual phenomenon. Ask her what she thinks about that magazine cover or television show.

This will put up a wall for future communication. Why or why not? Are these like kids you know?

A discussion on the issue of placing unreachable and unhealthy goals in young girls minds

If not, what makes them different? If so what message does it send about her?

The Problem With Incest | Psychology Today

Ask your daughter to show you her favorite shows or YouTube videos. Watch them together and ask her questions. Getting online and showing your daughter how Photoshop and advertising or media tactics work may be effective, but having her do it with you allows her to make stronger decisions on what to think regarding media images.Some say our minds don't actually forget dreams, we just don't know how to access them.

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