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Ruslan Gerasimov yikes. The only saving grace to the rest of sudo's madness is that it doesn't require sysadmins to pass around a privileged password - they use their own. You just threw that out the window here - making your plaintext password world readable for the life of the ssh process. Most questions don't explicitly require that you refrain from implementing an easy means of snooping their password - but answers that do should still be downvoted.

Allow overwrite all

Jun 14th, The code is protected and cells have vaildation in place and only certain cells can be entered into. Is there a way I can prevent this? I like the idea of always keeping the file open and I think I know how to disable the close button.

That would also keep people from putting the file on a jump drive: I would like it to create backup copies on schedule too - that's a great idea in case the file gets allow overwrite all or damaged.

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The cells are already password protected so that nobody can mess with anyone else's entries - I was just worried that someone would overwrite the present file and the entries done in that day would be gone.

The file is too complicated to be a dummy file - but that's a neat idea. I'm going to start working on the keeping the file open project.

Slink Jun 14th, Select the all the cells you don't want changed Holding down the ctrl key. Enter a name for these cells "NoTouch" in my example. Select the sheet from the project explorer on the left where the cells are and paste this code in the module.

For this to function, however, you must have macros enabled. If you search the board you will find several posts on ways to force enabling macros when a file is opened. Also, you should password protect your code so someone can't delete it.

With the macro in place, even if someone makes a copy, the code goes with it. HTH Jun 14th, The file allows them to change certain cells and not others. Know what I mean? I guess I don't. The code I posted only prohibits entry in the cells you select. Also, if someone makes a copy of the file to another drive, the validation and code goes with it.

If they can't edit your desktop copy Why Desktop? Also, isn't this a management problem. If someone is altering your files without permission, why are they still working there? I think I can prevent it by using some of Malcom's suggestions.

Just trying to head off any problems before they become problems: All times are GMT The time now is Resources saved on this page:Nov 23,  · This would delete the file and allow you to write to it. Sometimes it's easier to delete a file as you can run into an issue whereby if the data you are saving is shorter than the current file, the previous data exists beyond that point.

All sorts of ways that don't store a server's password as plaintext.

allow overwrite all

– terdon On the one hand this is good for the automation with no getting sudo password promts and, to have completely automated code/script you would add sshpass -p password ssh. The Exist(FileManagerFile) method is invoked and has to return proper result for current action (eg: we want upload (overwrite) existing file, so return false, if we .

SharePoint - How to prevent the over write in document library Asked By Venkatesh Suragana on Apr AM Hi All, The site users has the permission access to edit any item, but i need to prevent the overwrite option.

About all that you can do in this circumstance, as I said, is change the tapes after 4 jobs, and let the fifth overwrite from the beginning on a "new" tape Just make sure that the job is defined as "Append - . How to overwrite an existing document in SharePoint Library with a new document with different name?

It seems that I can only overwrite the existing document, if the new one has the same name as the existing one.?!

SharePoint do not allow to replace a document with this same name. 0.

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