An analysis of discipleship in the new testament

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An analysis of discipleship in the new testament

Its Definitions and Dangers Matthew Our Lord had written no books, He had built no organization; there were no physical structures or monuments left to commemorate Him.

He had placed the future of His earthly work entirely in the hands of His disciples. Had they failed their task, humanly speaking, the church of Jesus Christ would not exist today. In the last decade, discipleship has become a popular subject in Christian circles.

The great difficulty is that when we use this term we frequently mean something entirely different from that denoted by the biblical term. For instance, we hear much talk about discipling others or being discipled.

Being in close proximity to a great seminary, I have seen many young and enthusiastic theologs come and go. We almost completely fail to grasp the biblical concept of discipleship. Did Paul really disciple Timothy, and if so, how?

Most of the young men who desire to be discipled, and I say this seriously, ask more of me than does my wife. It is because of this lack of clarity as to what discipleship really is, and how it is done that we shall devote several lessons to its study.

What was so important in the life and ministry of our Lord should be very clear to us today who wish to be known as His disciples. The terms used in the New Testament of disciples had through years of use developed nuances important for us to comprehend.

It is also here that many present day misconceptions find their origin. In Ancient Greek, the verb manthano is used to denote the process by which one acquired theoretical knowledge. A man was known as a mathetes or disciple when he bound himself to another in order to acquire his practical and theoretical knowledge.

In some Greek circles the teacher was paid by his disciples. In the Old Testament, the concept of discipleship is strikingly absent. In my estimation the reason is to be found chiefly in the fact that there was no master worthy for them to attach themselves to.

We know of the relationship between Elijah and Elisha, Moses and Joshua, and so on; but these men were known as servants, not disciples. Moses was, in the final analysis, only a servant of God, one through whom God revealed Himself. The advice of a pre-Christian writer was: Their teacher was the most important person in their Lives.

One would attach himself to a Rabbi, who would serve as a kind of mediator between the student and the Scriptures. One dared not to interpret the Scriptures independently, and could only speak with authority after years of study under a master.

The New Testament Definition of a Disciple In the New Testament, the picture of a disciple is not as clear or simplistic as one might wish, for the terms, mathetes disciple, learner and akoloutheo to follow are used in a variety of ways. There is great diversity among those who are identified as the disciples of Jesus in the Scriptures.

The masses who have come to faith and trusted in Jesus as their Messiah were also called disciples John 8: Then, of course, the term was used particularly and most frequently of the twelve disciples Matthew Within the circle of the twelve was an inner circle of three: Peter, James and John Luke 9:While Johnson’s thesis that “Jesus is the perfect theology” may appeal to the post-modern mentality, it unnecessarily builds a false dichotomy, pitting Jesus against the Word of God.

David M. Whitchurch, “Discipleship and the Epistle of James,” in Go Ye into All the World: Messages of the New Testament Apostles, 31 st Annual Sidney B. . Discipleship in the New Testament By Robert L.

Foster The word “disciple” appears in the New Testament times in the gospels and the book. The Noah movie does not tell the Biblical account of Noah and the Ark.

Introduction. During the last thirty years, perhaps the most captivating theological topic, at least in North America, is the historical Jesus.

An analysis of discipleship in the new testament

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