Archivist cover letter

For a few days prior to this, the family had observed some symptoms of insanity in her, which had so much increased on the Wednesday evening, that her brother, early the next morning, went to Dr. Pitcairnbut that gentleman was not at home.

Archivist cover letter

Documents are routinely destroyed for legitimate purposes as part of routine housekeeping. In several notable cases, it has been found that the step from document destruction to obstruction of justice may be all too brief.

One of the ways of exposing corruption …. Charges of document destruction by Enron had yet to be heard. On television, an Andersen training video was played many times.

More than a decade earlier, the newly elected Queensland Government of Wayne Goss was anxious to shred all of the records accumulated by retired magistrate, Noel Heiner, who had been appointed by the outgoing Cooper Government to investigate alleged inmate abuse at the John Oxley Youth Centre JOYC.

We now know that Noel Heiner was beginning to uncover testimony concerning serious abuses and inappropriate responses by staff of the JOYC. Several years later, the Forde Royal Commission revealed such abuses to have been endemic in the Queensland system, but this was not publicly known when the Goss Government closed the Heiner Inquiry down.

One case, which is only now coming to light, involved the pack rape of an Aboriginal girl. The Heiner Inquiry was set up before the election, following allegations by then Labor candidate, Ann Warner. Now Minister responsible for John Oxley, in early Warner was a member of the Cabinet trying to destroy the evidence gathered by Heiner when investigating her own allegations.

Archivist Cover Letter

The problem for Warner, Goss and their colleagues was that the manager of JOYC, Peter Coyne, was taking legal action for defamation and lack of process. His lawyers said he was being denied natural justice Coyne was not told what allegations were being made or who his accusers were.

Knowing this, the Goss Cabinet ordered the destruction of the records. They acted on the advice of the Crown Solicitor that they could lawfully do so because Coyne had yet to formally institute proceedings in a court. On the later evidence of a spokesman for the Queensland Criminal Justice Commission QCJC which looked the matter, the Goss Cabinet was motivated, at least in part, by a desire to deny Coyne and his lawyers access to the documents they wanted to make their case.

These practices involved shredding material the plaintiff needed to make her case. In the Weekend Australian for 13 April,a spokesman for BAT, Scott Hailstone, confirmed that documents had been destroyed, but said this was in line with the company policy of document retention.

It had occurred before litigation was filed by Mrs McCabe: Judgements against tobacco in Australian courts were not unheard of, but they were rare.

The case was unusual because of the directed verdict and because it went against tobacco. Coming within months of similar behaviour in the Enron collapse, this made the judgement big news in the Australian media. Coming more than a decade after Heiner, the defence in all three was uncannily similar: Document Destruction and the Course of Justice Is this true?

The principle involved is of some significance to recordkeepers. When does it become unlawful to shred documents which might be relevant to legal or quasi-legal proceedings? This is different from the issue which arises under archives laws.

Archivist cover letter

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Recordkeeping, Document Destruction, and the Law

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Archivist cover letter

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A year-old copy of a letter by Christopher Columbus that was stolen from the Vatican was returned on Thursday after joint sleuthing by U.S. Homeland Security agents and Holy See antiquity experts. Archivist Cover Letter. Archivists maintain materials and documents with historical significance to individuals and organizations.

Examples of Archivist duties include assessing material condition, retrieving records, cataloguing collections, helping users access archives, employing search software, implementing archival procedures, .

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