Business plan muster gastronomie marocaine

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Business plan muster gastronomie marocaine

Some women love to set out alone while others head out with a friend or tour group. While this advice is great for solo women travelers to Morocco it really can apply to anyone. Have an overall travel goal.

Come with a vision but also an open-mind. Come with less expectations of the place or people.

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Embrace diversity and difference. There is a wide economic diversity in the local and expat people living here, with a blend of Arabic, French, international, Muslim and Jewish culture. Get to know people from a range of society and places to get a more objective view. Know your values and respect other cultures.

business plan muster gastronomie marocaine

Understanding what is important to you and from your culture, will help you travel in Morocco with greater insight. That also includes understanding that your definition of what you value may be different to the Moroccan version of the same value.

In all challenges that you might face in the country as a solo female traveller, the definition of equality, independence, respect, honesty and empathy for example may stir you up, but you will also see those values met at other times.

Be prepared and also spontaneous. Knowing where you are going and what you want to do is fantastic, as it can help give you a level of security. On the other hand, one of the best things to experience in Morocco, is the chance to explore, to discover the medinas, the souks, the mountain trails or Sahara sands.

To help you feel more open to spontaneous travel, keep in mind number 10 about your personal safety.

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Get in or out of your comfort zone. If you want to travel and stay like a Goddess or rough-it backpacking, the option is up to you. Experiencing a range of accommodation styles and designs from beldi rustic style to opulent palaces, you really are spoilt for choice.

Practice your language skills. Not all service providers or taxi drivers for example, will speak even French, the second national language.

Get help with these two posts that share some of the common phrases and expressions you should know! Stay calm and confident.

The country has challenges for sure that you will come across: Take attempting to jay-walk or walk across the road. You may have your heart in your mouth as cars whizz past, even on the occasional traffic lights, but if you walk ahead calmly and confidently, the cars will 9 out of 10 times, stop.

Be as respectful and confident as you can muster and keep walking. You may also encounter disadvantaged, homeless people, and beggars or mistreated animals, Morocco is a developing country and unfortunately this is a common sight. Be the best version of yourself. If you come with an open-mind and are respectful to mutual cultural values, like we mention above, you will have a more enjoyable journey.

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We say be the best version of yourself, because we hope that person will come with that level of respect and understanding that makes decisions on what to do when here, that makes everyone feel comfortable, including you. We hope this version of you will also choose to celebrate all that is possible in this vast and stunning country, to seek out the best experience for yourself and those you engage with and hopefully, choose to meet.

Your Moroccan Tour can be the best adventure of your lifetime, if you choose that perspective and be determined to make that happen.

Protect yourself as you normally would. Personal safety and safety in a new culture goes without saying must be top of your list when traveling alone.At OiLibya, we strive to provide our business partners across different industries with the best types of fuels, lubricants and technical support.

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