Community marketing essay

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Community marketing essay

Community marketing essay

The internet has allowed consumers to research pharmaceutical companies and get information about products, the side affects of its use, and its effectiveness. The marketing trend and techniques of health care marketing on the internet has offered variety and convenience to patients and providers and have influenced more patients to actively become more involved managing their health by researching pharmaceutical information and discussing it with their health care provider.

Are current techniques affecting consumer trends? There are many challenges associated with the pharmaceutical marketing techniques that can both influence and affect consumer trends, for example the accelerating of health care spending on advertising to promote the products, cost of the products, escalated or new found illnesses related to the side affects of the product, advertising of incorrect information, product not approved by the FDA but already being advertised, and the most common, the products not being covered by insurance companies.

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Although these challenges exist, they will not have a significant impact on consumer trends. Positive or Negative affects of current techniques and trends? Current techniques and trends can have both a positive and a negative affect, primarily based on how the product is being marketing and to whom.

Direct to consumer pharmaceutical advertising as previously mentioned uses a variety of techniques for promoting products, a negative affect would be promoting and allowing trial use of non FDA approved products, which can lead to chronic or major health issues, a positive affect can be consumer driven approach to encourage others to talk with there physician about a product used that helped with a current medical condition.

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The same would apply to internet marketing trends, they could be both positive and negative affects based on how the information is researched and documented.

As trends change challenges will occur, how well pharmaceutical adjust and change there marketing techniques will determine there success in the health care industry. Pharmacy and Theraputics, 36 10, PMC How to cite this page Choose cite format:The friendly community where everyone can discover & create the best stuff on the web.

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Community marketing is a tactic that involves a brand or business interacting with a group (or community) of like-minded individuals, typically in an online environment, such as a social media.

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