Confrontation matrix

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Confrontation matrix

It allows you to analyse each different combination of strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat. By doing this the aim is to identify the most important strategic issues the organization is facing.

This article will walk you through the process of completing an confrontation analysis. An example of an empty confrontation matrix is shown below.

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One simple mechanism to complete the confrontation matrix is as follows: Move across the matrix Confrontation matrix left to right, starting with opportunity 1 O1. Look at the different internal options strengths and weaknesses and assign a score of 3 to the best one, a score of 2 to the next best option, and a score of 1 to the next best option.

All other options receive a score of 0. Continue working left to right across the matrix until you have completed the column for the final threat. Using the scheme described above, a completed matrix will look something like this.

In reality, however, strategy is never decided in isolation, and you will probably need to complete the confrontation matrix as part of a group.

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This allows everyone to provide their input without a huge debate, and results in a matrix which looks something like the following: The higher the score in a particular cell the more attention and debate must be given to that option. In our first example above, when we completed the confrontation matrix alone, the matrix informed us we should consider O1-S2 as an important O1 column option, however, after working as a team it is telling us we should concentate on O1-S1.

In a broad sense, the options can be classified as follows: This is the idea mix, allowing the company to do what it is good at when the opportunity arrives.

Obviously this is going to be risky.


Options to get the competencies include buying them, or developing them internally, although this will take time. Classic examples of this type of strategy include multiple channel promotions and price wars. When investigating any potential option in detail, scenario planning can help you to try to understand the different ways in which the option might pan out.

We do this to generate the best strategy for our organization.In this article we describe the Confrontation Matrix is actually a component of the SWOT Analysis whereby strong and weak points are "confronted" with opportunities and threats with the aim of developing a good strategy.

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Confrontation analysis (also known as dilemma analysis) is an operational analysis technique used to structure, understand and think through multi-party interactions such as negotiations. It is the underpinning mathematical basis of drama theory. Coffee, Love and Matrix algebra - Kindle edition by Gary Ernest Davis.

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Confrontation matrix
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