Diverse nature of psychology paper

Thursday, July 24, The Diverse Nature of Psychology The field of psychology is a scientific discipline of human motivation, emotion, cognition, and behavior. The evolution of psychology began from philosophical roots and evolved into a discipline of science separate from philosophy inwith the creation of the first psychological laboratory by Germany psychologist, Wilhelm Wundt. Within the field of psychology are several sub-disciplines and subtopics of such sub-disciplines that are of interest. Such sub-disciplines and subtopics can apply to particular areas outside of psychology.

Diverse nature of psychology paper

As time has passed what was once not even viewed as a science has now become one and the foundation for many other disciplines and fields. Throughout the history of psychology there have been many challenges and much diversity.

Two subcategories within psychology will be identified with examples and of the major subtopics and concepts including: How these subdisciplines and subtopics that have been identified will also be applied to other disciplines and venues within society.

The subdisciplines and subtopics will then be related to my personal theoretical perspective and lastly my psychological contribution to society including the areas of work, education, health, and leisure.

Overall this paper is going to provide an analysis of the diverse nature of psychology as a discipline. Diversity and Major Concepts There are several diverse major concepts in psychology: Just looking at these major concepts one can tell the wide spectrum of the psychological field.

Biological psychology, that brown hair one got from his or her mom, green eyes from his or her dad, nose from his or her aunt, etc. With several different approaches and theories it is probably the most popular and diverse major concept within psychology.

Subcategories within Psychology There is a vast range of subcategories within psychology including child psychology and social psychology. Child psychology involves each one of the major concepts within psychology, which makes it a very diverse subcategory.

Social psychology is based more around behavioral psychology, but still provides a few unique approaches to the diversity of psychology. Just as adults, there are times when a child may need clinical help too.

Childhood psychologists may assist with children who suffer from anxiety or depression, hyperactivity, parental problems or school problems.

This field may use techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy to reinforce or change certain behaviors, family counseling, or medicate for certain disorders.

Think about when a person goes shopping, there are many choices in similar items; laundry detergents, toothpaste, deodorants, etc.

Diverse nature of psychology paper

These items come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Shopping is much like that of social psychology, there are diverse groups of people in the world, different cultures, colors, shapes, and sizes.

An assumption may include several unique theories inside of an approach, all of which is not a right or wrong assumption McLeod, The Diverse Nature of Psychology 5 My theoretical perspective involves much of the behavioral theory.

The behavioral theory as discussed above is a unique category of psychology which is centered around a person learning from his or her environment either through learning it or reinforcement.

Famously known for his classical conditioning, Ivan Pavlov, provides a part in learning and reinforcing behavior. In classical conditioning a person is conditioned to respond to a stimulus, he or she learns this response through association. Skinner created the other half of what the behavioral theory involves operant conditioning.

The one thing I do not feel is correct about the behavioral approach is the belief that a person does not have free will. With the use of the cognitive-behavioral approach I am able to use operant conditioning with positive and negative reinforcement in the hopes of rehabilitating the juvenile offender.

Leisurely I spend most of my time with my four children. Daily I am using cognitive- behavioral therapy to guide them along to do the right things. I think this is what helps to keep my life so diverse, by applying the psychology I have learned thus far, but also keeps us happy. Family diversity and children's behavioral outcomes in Canada: From structure to process.

Sociological Focus, 40 4 Society for personality and social psychology. Preparing for an important event: Teaching of Psychology, 19 2 Using psychology to save biodiversity and human well-being.

Conservation Biology, 20 3 How to exploit diversity for scientific gain:Jul 22,  · In conclusion, the diverse nature of psychology can be considered both an asset and a detriment.

Stanovich () suggests that the general field of science seeks to generalize the psychology by implementing generalized theories that can be applied to all disciplines of psychology. Sep 27,  · The Diverse Nature of Psychology The Diverse Nature of Psychology Psychology is the scientific study “of the thought processes and behavior of humans and other animals in their interaction with the environment” ("Psychology," ).

The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper. Prepare a word paper in which you analyze the diverse nature of psychology as a discipline. Address the following items as a part of your analysis: 1)Evaluate the significance diversity of thought has on psychology’s major concepts.

The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper. Psychology has a diverse nature. Psychology is the discipline that studies mental processes, including internal cognitive processes of individuals, as well as sociocognitive . THE DIVERSE NATURE OF PSYCHOLOGY PAPER 2 The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper In this paper, When it comes to the diversity of psychology we look at the influences of the sub disciplines of the subtopics of the major concepts that will be evaluated and their examples of subtopics.

Psychology is a diverse area of study. Within this paper it will discuss the influence of diversity and it’s major concepts within psychology.

It will also discuss subtopics within psychology, as well as how subtopics are identified, and .

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