Effect of being an irregular college student in philippines

Jana Jasinski Review of Literature "As money and resources become more scarce for college students, jobs become more of a necessity rather than an after school activity. Any changes to students' routines will lead to changes in academics, whether they are positive or negative.

Effect of being an irregular college student in philippines

Parents work hard to give the best for their children. The government offers programs and solutions for the benefit and development of the people. And as an individual, students have responsibility to help themselves and be beneficial to others.

Working students are those individuals who find ways to make things possible for them and to others. Other reasons why student jobs are popular among students is they help to cope up with the constant increase in tuition fees, and a way to afford further educations.

Effect of being an irregular college student in philippines

Working in full time while attending school creates time shortages and the students requires highly developed time management skill in order to handle school and work. The research aims to provide encouragement and motivation to all students especially those financially distressed to pursue and finish a college degree in order to become competitive in the future and be able to realize their goals and aspirations.

The problem is what factors that working students affect their academic performance. And one of the negative effects typically arise because hours spent at work take time away from studying which may lead to lower grades and less attractive post college opportunities.

And one of the choices to address and act on the problem is to balance work and study to help them succeed in college. Just be aware that by choosing to study and work full-time, you are essentially signing themselves up for a few very hectic years.

Students should be very clear about the reasons to be a full-time student and worker. Working full-time while also studying full-time clearly requires a lot of effort.

Putting so much of their mental and physical energy into this uneasy arrangement can quickly leave that feeling fatigued, stressed, or both.

While many grad students and workers routinely feel tired and stressed by their work, as a full-time student-worker you will likely encounter stress and fatigue levels well beyond those of most of your colleagues.

Perhaps for the first time in their life, students may find themselves planning and accounting for every day, from the few hours you can block off for sleep to the 45 minutes of their commute their lunch break both may become extra time for studying.

Working full time allows them to maintain your job and salary associated benefits while also progressing in their studies. Maybe students truly enjoy their job and know that staying involved there is part of their overall life trajectory just their degree is.

A part-time job is a form of employment that carries fewer hours per week than a full-time job. Workers are considered to be part time if they commonly work fewer than 30 or 35 hours per week. This may empower them for lifelong learning to their journey to success hindered by their busy schedule and always no time to their study and academic performance.

Determining the concepts of this research the study comes up with different theories. The theories that could be used are transactional model of stress and coping it is how a person copes with stressful events. Stressors are demands made by the internal or external environment that upset balance, thus affecting physical and psychological well being and requiring action to restore balance.

Actions that may require restoring the balance may require the dropping of other subjects that they can focus on the others or just enroll the subjects suited to their schedules.

Time management and proper approach on every situation are also helpful. It is a learning theory based on the ideas that people learn by watching what others do, and that human thought processes are central to understanding personality.

This theory provides a framework for understanding, predicting and changing human behavior. Interpretation of learning skills Data study skills Significant relationship between the academic performance of the respondents and the profile of the students.

This framework embodies the specific direction by which the research will have to be undertaken by describing the relationship between specific variables identified in the study.

Effect of being an irregular college student in philippines

The input consists of the research method applied in conducting the research regarding the study habits and academic performance of the working students. Qualitative research undertaken to gain insights concerning attitudes, beliefs, motivations and behaviors of individuals to explore a social or human problem and include methods such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, observation research and case studies.

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The output as a result, will indicate the general view of the situation on how the behavior and performance of a student relates on their study habit and academic performance.

Conclusions are to be made to know and define the outcome of this study and give justification to the research. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of 1. How to improve the academic performance of the selected working students as regard to: Is there a significant relationship between the academic performance of the respondents and the profile of the students.

Hypotheses There is no significant relationship between the academic performance of the respondents and the profile of the students. This study limits only to students who are currently enrolled and who are also working and also previously working.

Only those working students are allowed to participate in the research. The academic performance of working students did not affect due to time management, they can balance their study while working they still have time to study.

Significance of the Study The result of this study will provides basis to the students for awareness and better understanding of how their current work affect their academic performance.

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This study may also help the other students to understand the situation of colleagues who work and study. The Future Researchers may be able to use the findings of the study for further research and investigation particularly related to the academic performance of working students since there are very limited local studies that can be found exploring this particular subject or concern.

Definition Terms The explanation of the following terms would give enlightenment to the terminologies used in research:May 23,  · 1) Does being an irregular student last forever, I mean the whole course/program?

2) Can I transfer credits from same subjects with different codes?

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Like, my techniques subject in FA have a tec code while architecture has Status: Resolved. The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of college student employment on academic achievement.

Presently, 55% to 80% of students are employed while Employment among college students has been increasing rapidly. Its effect on the academic performance of decreased the likelihood of being an “A” student (Pritchard, explained the effects of age, qualification distance from learning place etc.

on student performance. The performance of students on the module is not affected study on daily bases after college, students’ family income, students’ mother’s age and mother’s education are significantly related with student . Providence College [email protected] Social Work Theses Social Work May The Contributing Factors to Student Absenteeism/ Truancy and the Effectiveness of Social Services.

Student employment has been treated as a homogeneous category in studying the effects of doing part‐time jobs on student academic performance or social life. In the present study, using data collected from a well‐known public university in Macau, we treat student employment as a heterogeneous.

In one study, more hours worked decreased the likelihood of being an 'A' student (Pritchard, ). According to Furr and Elling (), 29% of the students working hours per week and 39% of those students working full time indicated that work had a negative and frequent impact on their academic progress.

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