Fstab hfsplus read write and think

It is called umount, not unmount Unfortunately, the different Unix variants have different approaches to this task.

Fstab hfsplus read write and think

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The actual first post was non sensical and very weird. So whats with bloging anyways? Perhaps blogers are just starved for attention, or are just really bored and have nothing better to do.

fstab hfsplus read write and think

I spent the past few days trying to get my nano to work with gentoo. I used to work with my first nano, I hooked it up to my brothers powerbook so that it could be initialized and then hooked it up to my gentoo box and used gtkpod to transfer over music to it.

I reinstalled gentoo went through a few kernel upgrades but never installed gtkpod I just used my brothers powerbook to load songs on to my nano one time and never bothered to put more songs on it. Apparently gtkpod could not write to the iTunesDB on my nano.

Not a very good combination, call me a masachist. My brother was the one who convinced me to install linux, he said it was easy. After I installed and had many problems he told me all he ever does on linux is code so its easy and perfect for that but not very easy or convinient for common every day stuff.

Back on topic I searched for a good day using google and various forums on how to get my nano to work with gentoo, to no avail.

I did find a hfsplus tutorial that lead me in the right direction, herethough I didnt know it at the time. I went through the tutorial the first time and rendered my ipod unsuable. I overwrote all the partitions and got the folder with the exclamation mark. I used my brothers powerbook to restore my nano to factory settings and tried to get it to work with gtkpod again thinking that maybe it would work now since I had yet to transfer any songs to it, but I still had the same problems as before.

After more searching and a couple more restores I came back to the hfsplus tutorial. Bewarned in the process your ipod will be formatted and all of your data on there will be lost so make sure you have a backup.

First off lets make sure you have the same problem I did. Plug in your iPod and mount it.

fstab hfsplus read write and think

Here is how I did it, it should be the same for most other systems but I make no promises. You then want to enable Apple Extended HFS file system support and Apple Macintosh file system support Make sure they are enabled to be compiled into the kernel and not as modules.

Then go back one menu, which is the File Systems menu and go to Partition Types and enableMacintosh partition map support again not as a module.

Now you will need to run make make install Now you will need to reboot, make sure you have this page bookmarked so you can come back here after you reboot.

Ok now lets check and make sure that everything went ok. Ok now we need to install some programs if you using gentoo then type emerge parted If you are using some other flavor of linux get parted installed.

Now plug in your iPod if it is not already pluged in and type this in to make sure parted installed correctly and is working properly.For example, you can create hfsplus for access from the poppy and Ubuntu at the same time.

Then, click “install now”. Don’t worry about no swap partition – it’s not necessary.

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This is a guide on how to set up a Ubuntu Server to act as a TimeMachine Backup Server, using a Auto Mounted HFS+ Jounaled Parition and a DD-WRT Router to . I can also read and write to ext4 home directories from the Macs to my RPi running netatalk with no issue.

Yes, you can serve files using Samba off an ext4 volume. You can run . Here, is the IP address of the machine with NFS & /nfs_share in the name of the folder that has been shared. This again is a temporary mount & we will need to create an entyr in /etc/fstab for the permanent mount.

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