Gap analysis airline

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Gap analysis airline

Gap analysis airline

This will enable staff, prospective staff and everyone else to pore over what has, to date, been sensitive, well-guarded payroll data. Ms Rose was nervous initially because the figure did not paint the full, nuanced picture of the reasons behind the gap. The bank published extra analysis to explain that having fewer women in senior management positions was behind the gap, rather than discrepancies around equal pay for equal work.

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Around 1, companies so far have published their figures. The numbers are, on the whole, not pretty. Gaps vary but around half are in double-digits.

Among factors that affect the gap are that women tend to be under-represented at senior levels, over-represented in lower-paid industries and disproportionately bear childcare responsibilities. We will see a rush of disclosures and part of that may be because of a pack mentality Crowley Woodford Some organisations are still trying to establish what falls within the scope of reporting requirements, says Crowley Woodford, head of European employment law at Ashurst, the law firm.

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If you rely on agency staff or consultants, there is an [extra] analysis to be done there. Gender pay gaps are coming under an increasingly harsh spotlight, as critics globally call for more rapid progress. In the US, activist shareholders Arjuna Capital succeeded in January in pressing Citigroup to disclose its gap in the hope that this will compel other Wall Street banks to do the same.

Gap analysis airline

In the UK, airline EasyJet has reported a Remedies set out by employers so far include better flexible working opportunities and setting aspirational targets for women in senior management roles. She urges employers to rethink hiring strategies and increase support for women throughout their careers, in particular on returning from career breaks.

We want to hear from you. You can reach us securely using this form or by emailing laura.Many employers fear that possible misinterpretation of top-line figures by the public could make rec­ruitment harder, damage their reputations and even trigger equal pay claims. Competition is heating up for Canada's most price-sensitive travellers as WestJet Airlines gears up to launch the country's second ultra-low cost airline Wednesday.

More than 1, companies have failed to report their gender pay gap figures before Wednesday night's deadline.

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The Equalities and Human Rights Commission said 1, firms had missed the deadline. Jun 29,  · Use a gap analysis report template to take stock of a current business situation, determine the ideal condition you would like your company to attain in the future, and identify differences.

The gap analysis is carried out in two phases: The gap analysis starts with an initial assessment of the fuel savings initiatives already implemented.

We use our own Fuel Savings Reference Guide describing over 70 concrete initiatives based on best practices found in the airline industry (operators, manufacturers and other organisations), as. Four Flights Aboard the Industry’s Most Prestigious Players.

The Results Might Surprise You.


And, are U.S. Carriers Closing the Gap? PHOTOS AND COMMENTARY BY PATRICK SMITH.

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