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There was a song played at our Mendhi ceremony that I love every time I hear it, but I don't really know the words. Can somebody tell me if they know the Bollywood song that sounds like "Gujerare, gujerare, gujerare rare nenaa"? I'm sure I just butchered it most ridiculously, but I'd love to know what's really being said if someone knows the song I'm talking about.

Litterary essays

The Emergency Regulations Act, designed by General Smuts to curb pro-Nazi activities, had begun to bite at the ankles of the Ossewabrandwag membership list.

At one such camp, Koffiefontein, there were interred together two men who would go on to shape the history of the country as few others would, one on the political stage and the other behind the scenes.

The former, John Vorsteris well known. The latter, as founder and head of the Bureau of State Security, involved himself directly in most every Apartheid-era intrigue of national stakes, and yet is still very much a mystery.

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A recent novel published by Umuzi Press charts the rise Litterary essays this obscure and mysterious Afrikaner nationalist— Hendrik van den Bergh —and his much feared Bureau of State Security referred to by journalists as BOSS to his resignation amidst the Muldergate Scandal of the late 70s.

In doing so it casts a heatless light on the icily efficient character of van den Bergh, bringing him to life without resurrecting his ideals. Nevertheless, there have been several accounts of these years written by South African intelligence community ex-members. Drop a coin into the well of Apartheid-era conspiracy and you will never hear it hit bottom.

JFK was not Verwoerd and MLK was not Biko, but the vapor trails of unanswered and unanswerable questions left in the flights of their assassins are long and inflammable.

Instead of lighting matches around the firedamp of conspiracies, metaphor and memory are layered in in just such Litterary essays way that The Tall Assassin can read like a straight novel, or a novel with allegorical avenues for those who would know to follow them.

A Litterary essays born of necessity, it is, in spite of some awkward phrasing here and there, an achievement.

The Tall Assassin is currently out of print and unavailable to all but the most tenacious book hunters. This fact is not, evidently, due to lack of interest, but rather to some of the invisible forces about which Mr. Nevertheless, he is in the process of republishing both of his books The Tall Assassin and My Cryptic Life as well as the Afrikaans version of the former Die Lang General and hopes to make them available on Amazon this month May I recently had a conversation with Mr Elsdon about his life and books, and he has been gracious enough to permit me to publish it.

Umuzi Publishers sold the entire copy run of your book within a few months, and then refused to print more. Umuzi is not some small printing concern, as it sounds, but part of Random House Struik, one of the largest publishing houses in South Africa.

When I provided them with my manuscript they were over the moon with excitement. There was talk of local and overseas marketing to promote the book and sales figures. When the books were close to being sold out I asked Umuzi about the printing of more books and was told no more books would be printed.


When I asked which dates were incorrect I received no direct reply. The books were eventually all sold out and I bought back the rights to them. Clearly Umuzi wanted nothing more to do with my titles, but when they drew up a contract, they still insisted that mention be made in any future copies that they were responsible for the first edition of the books in You also published a memoir entitled My Cryptic Life under a pseudonym.

Will copies of that also be made available via Amazon? Also, what were the reasons for the pseudonym then and not now? At that stage a large number of the role players were still alive and residing in SA. When in My Cryptic Life was completed, no-one was interested in publishing the memoirs of an unknown policeman despite my pointing out to them that it contained some exciting revelations.

A number of photos of me appear in the book. In the back of my mind I hoped that one day I would put together a book about Hendrik van den Bergh, Sharp and their escapades. One thing I find valuable about your approach to this subject is the emergence of van den Bergh as a literary character.

His ice cold personality, dedication and efficiency. I never met van den Bergh in person. Most of the persons I spoke with who worked with him in BOSS were clearly petrified by the very thought of being in the same office as him.

Nevertheless, they all had the utmost respect for him as a person and for that which he achieved in BOSS. Even now, one cannot easily find an ex-BOSS member of course all or most are Afrikanerswho is prepared to say anything bad about him or even agree that he might have been anything but a national hero.

One lady a personal friend refused to read my book.

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When it was her birthday I gave her a copy of the Afrikaans edition. Afterwards she commented that I had failed to establish or identify the link between Robert Smit, Anton Lubowski and Prof. She refused to elaborate or to give me her honest opinion on the content of my book.Reviews, essays, books and the arts: the leading international weekly for literary culture.

I need your opinion. I'm writing a research paper on Jack London, specifically on how his life experiences relate to the litterary techniques he uses in his books. they go down by the valleys: unto the place which thou hast founded for them. Free adventure story papers, essays, and research papers.

Litterary essays

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