Method of writing application letter for employment

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Method of writing application letter for employment

Our goal is that individuals with disabilities enrolled in Rhode Island schools will be identified as eligible for adult services before their exit from school or transition programs.

School districts will be guided to inform families that they have a right to file an application for BHDDH adult services at the age of 16 for youth who are categorized under IDEA as having an intellectual disability, autism, or multiple disabilities, or are believed to have a developmental disability and be eligible for BHDDH services.

The policy of determining students eligible by 17 is to make sure students are receiving the right transition services at the right time. School districts work with ORS to provide students with job skills, development and training, and then ORS and DDD will work to together to further enhance job skills and assist in finding employment or help with job retention.

As an Employment First state we emphasize building employment skills for the youth who will be entering the adult Developmental Disabilities system. FAQ Who should submit an eligibility application? Students who are age 16 or older should submit an eligibility application if they meet the criteria outlined in the eligibility packet.

method of writing application letter for employment

Families are encouraged to apply 60 days before their son or daughter turns 17 years old, although individuals may apply at any time after age Is submitting an application before the age of 17 mandatory?

This is entirely up to the family and individual. This policy is meant to create a smoother transition experience from schools to adult services for those found eligible. What happens after a completed application is submitted? Once a complete application is submitted with all needed documentation, staff at the Division will send an acknowledgement letter that the application has been received.

Only completed applications can be processed. The application will then be processed and a determination will be made in 30 days.

What happens after determination? After an eligibility determination has been made a letter will go out to the family and in some cases the school, if a teacher assisted in filling out the application.

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The State Transition Coordinator will then be assigned the case to monitor until the student school exit year. At this time a social caseworker will be assigned and meet with the student, the family and the school prior to their transition from the school system to the adult system.

This documentation should when possible include: Please submit all available records A copy of the applicant's birth certificate or I form A copy of the applicant's social security card If applicable, a copy of the Probate court's order of appointment of the applicant's guardian If you have any questions while completing these forms, please call the Division of Developmental Disabilities DDD at and ask to speak with an eligibility caseworker.

Completed applications and all other information should be Mailed to:Learn how to craft the best letter of interest from a PwC Consulting Manager.

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