Paper slicer

Its 30" cutting length is more than enough for standard, letter size paper. Accurately cuts paper, matte board, cardboard, film, tissue, and textiles. Premier W30 heavy duty paper trimmer features a finger guard that protects the entire blade length and a torsion spring that prevents blade from accidentally falling for increased safety. Patented automatic blade latch locks with every cutting motion for added control.

Paper slicer

Paper Punches About Paper Cutters Holding your scissors carefully, you begin to cut a straight line, when suddenly the children charge in, knocking you flying.

Paper slicer

At best, you have just cut a wobbly line. However, there is also a serious risk of injury to you and the little ones: If you have had enough of uneven edges on the photographs you trim, or you cannot get a straight cut on the party invitations you are making, it is time to hang up the scissors and try something different.

A rotary paper cutter is easy to use, gives a straight cut every time, and is adjustable for different paper sizes. Best of all, the cutting blade is kept hidden away, meaning it is much safer to leave lying around in a busy house full of children than scissors are.

If you find you need to cut large quantities of paper at once, which is surprisingly common when you have crafty kids around, you could get a stack paper cutter instead.

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You can buy a new or used paper cutter from reliable sellers on eBay, and owning one ensures the only thing you are cutting in your home is the paper.Swingline Paper Shredder Stack and Shred 60X Auto Feed Cross Cut Paper Slicer.

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Comes in RETAIL BOX. **The image shown is for illustration purposes only. The Best Guillotine Paper Cutters for Card-Making & Crafts. by Sarah Miller.

I was a little bit surprised to learn that what I’ve been calling “just a paper cutter” my whole life is actually called a guillotine paper cutter, lending a whole other, slightly nefarious and violent angle to the whole “I just want cut a bunch of paper. Never, that is, until I hit upon the idea for the DIY bread slicer that can also be used as a cutting board or serving tray.

Now slicing homemade bread, even paper thin slices, has never been more. Premier W12 /4" cut heavy duty paper trimmer delivers straight, clean cuts using a fully hardened self sharpening carbon steel blade.

Accurately cuts paper, 90%(2). Today we answer the question how to use a guillotine paper cutter. Classic guillotine-style paper cutters hold a long tradition in working great.

They're precise, easy to use, they last a long time, but they can be a little dangerous. Paper trimmers allow you to prepare flyers, decorations, and other paper products for use and distribution quickly and safely.

Sturdy slicers with rotary or guillotine blades simplify the act of cutting through paper.

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