Powerhouses of business william henry gates and john davison rockefeller

Lockwood '48 Dean and Pro vost of Union College and President-E lect of his Alma Mater An Eisenhower jacket dyed dark brown was a perfectly acceptable substitute for tweeds, and the receding hairline was as common among students as among faculty. Those were the days in and when veterans of World War II raised college and university enrollment figures from less than one million in to nearly two million in

Powerhouses of business william henry gates and john davison rockefeller

American Caligula The thesis of this book is simple: The necessity of writing this book became overwhelming in the minds of the authors in the wake of the ghastly slaughter of the Iraq war of January-February That war was an act of savage and premeditated genocide on the part of Bush, undertaken in connivance with a clique in London which has, in its historical continuity, represented both the worst enemy of the long-term interests of the American people, and the most implacable adversary of the progress of the human species.

The authors observed George Bush very carefully as the Gulf crisis and the war unfolded, and had no doubt that his enraged public outbursts constituted real psychotic episodes, indicative of a deranged mental state that was full of ominous portent for humanity.

The authors were also horrified by the degree to which their fellow citizens willfully ignored the shocking reality of these public fits. A majority of the American people proved more than willing to lend its support to a despicable enterprise of killing. By their role-call votes of January 12,the Senate and the House of Representatives gave their authorization for Bush's planned and imminent war measures to restore the Emir of Kuwait, who owns and holds chattel slaves.

That vote was a crime against God's justice.

Powerhouses of business william henry gates and john davison rockefeller

This book is part of an attempt to help them to survive anyway, both for the sake of the world and for their own sake. It is intended as a contribution to a process of education that might still save the American people from the awesome destruction of a second Bush presidency.

It is further intended as a warning to all citizens that if they fail to deny Bush a second term, they will deserve what they get after As this book goes to press in the autumn ofpublic awareness of the long-term depression of the American economy is rapidly growing.

If Bush were re-elected, he would view himself as beyond the reach of the voters and the popular will; with the federal deficit rising beyond a billion dollars a day, a second Bush administration would dictate such crushing austerity as to bring the country to the brink of civil war.

Some harbingers of what might be coming are described in the last chapter of this book. Our goal has been to assemble as much of the truth about Bush as possible within the time constraints imposed by the election. Time and resources have not permitted us meticulous attention to certain matters of detail; we can say, nevertheless, that both our commitment to the truth and our final product are better than anything anyone else has been able to muster, including news organizations and intelligence agencies with capabilities that far surpass our own.

How can we hope to fight the mighty Bush power cartel with a biography, a mere book? We have no illusions of easy success, but we were encouraged in our work by the hope that a biography might stimulate opposition to Bush and his policies.

It will certainly, if only by virtue of its novelty, pose a new set of problems to those seeking to get Bush reelected. For although Bush is now what journalists call a world leader, no accurate account on his actual career exists in the public domain. The volume which we submit herewith to the court of world public opinion is, to the best of our knowledge, the first and only book- length, unauthorized biography of George Bush.

It is the first approximation of the truth about his life. This is the first biography worthy of the name, a fact that says a great deal about the sinister power and obsessive secrecy of this personage.

None of the other self-announced biographies including Bush's campaign autobiography can be taken seriously; each of these books is a pastiche of lies, distortions and banalities that run the gamut from campaign panegyric to the Goebbels Big Lie to fake but edifying stories for credulous children.

Almost without exception, the available Bush literature is worthless. But with Bush, this is only the beginning of the problem. Bush's family pedigree establishes him as a network asset of Brown Brothers, Harriman, one of the most powerful political forces in the United States during much of the twentieth century, and for many years the largest private bank in the world.

Kennedy's choice of his cabinet, to begin to see the implications of Senator Prescott Bush's post as managing partner of this bank.APHICAIt I t Nl 1Y Hfc LIBRAR.Y OF THE. tx, B W I IU..

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Powerhouses of business william henry gates and john davison rockefeller

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