Problems with german reunification essay

Hubert Faustmann 1 Challenges of Reunification: The Cases of Germany, Ireland and Cyprus. Goethe Zentrum, Nicosia, 31 March

Problems with german reunification essay

Yet in the recent reunification of West and East Germany, German leadership has ignored crucial lessons from this successful period of transformation. Three problems highlight this claim: Reunification promised to quickly alleviate forty years of East German Socialism by means of tax money: Prior to and especially during the November reunification election, political parties and government leaders all agreed that East Germany could be raised to the West German standard of living within the time of one parliament four yearslargely by means of State funding, although much of the GDR remains in the same condition that Hitler left it in.

Problems with german reunification essay

Reunification advocates ignored the post-War lesson that the western parts of Germany were not rebuilt by means of tax-money but by hard work in a relatively free economy. The people of the Federal Republic of Germany had to work hard for years and years to rebuild their economy. However, most of the people of the former GDR still cling to the old socialist dream that poverty can only be overcome by the State, and the German government is extremely weak in arguing against this mentality.

For the most part, the German government instead sends billions of Deutschmarks to the former GDR and promises wealth without hard work, since hard work is so unpopular. This attitude is reflected in a common jest concerning a former GDR citizen who, after reunification, starts to work at the Mercedes assembly line but at We are already over the time, and the material usually runs out.


Not all Nazi criminals were found or sentenced, but justice became a part of the common mentality, and former Nazis remained silently powerless for fear that common citizens could take them before the courts.

In contrast, the German government has not attempted to restore this sort of criminal justice in the former GDR. Freedom cannot prosper without justice. The German government holds numerous state monopolies, some of them official post, telephone, railway, local transportation, public educationsome of them by way of ownership airlines, electricityand some by strict regulation long-distance transportation — businesses need a government permit to transport goods further than fifty kilometers.

Moreover, Germany has an extensive social welfare system in which citizens must contribute to state insurance for health, unemployment, and rent. The former GDR promised this to its citizens, and this is what they still expect.Germany - The reunification of Germany: The swift and unexpected downfall of the German Democratic Republic was triggered by the decay of the other communist regimes in eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

The liberalizing reforms of President Mikhail Gorbachev in the Soviet Union appalled the Honecker regime, which in desperation was by forbidding the circulation within East Germany of.

The Reunification of Germany and Its Aftermath – German Culture

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The lesson of the German "Wirtschaftswunder" after the Second World War was not learned in the German re-unification. Following the Second World War, Germany was rebuilt out of nothing into one of the richest countries of the world through the hard work of (nearly) everybody. Papers - Problems with German Reunification.

Essay about The Reasons of the German Reunification - The division of Germany into West Germany and East Germany emerged as a stopgap solution for the woeful state of the nation following its defeat in the Second World War.

An essay or paper on Problems in German Reunification. More than ten years after the reunification of Germany, the jolts and jostles of economic and political merger continue to plague the nation. The two Germanies have yet to blend into a one confluent economic entity, and a decade of Western aid.

The East German and West German economies at the time of unification looked very similar. They both concentrated on industrial production, especially machine .

Four Problems with Germany's Re-unification