Single issue campaigns unpopular vegan essays

With each post I write, literature I recommend, and dairy-free cheese platters I serve, I expect their meat sweats to kick in and incite a verbal lashing. The thing is, the non-vegans I encounter have never sworn at me. Not a single non-vegan has called me an asshole, at least not in respect to my vegan activism. I wonder how having an unpopular viewpoint on morality and an emphasis on making new vegans has made me a target more worthwhile than the exploitation of animals, and has afforded me my own space to be mounted on the hall-of-fame walls of vegans other vegans hate.

Single issue campaigns unpopular vegan essays

Yet somehow, most of the same people who subscribe to this belief are willing to turn a blind eye to such harm when they Single issue campaigns unpopular vegan essays receive some kind of advantage from it — whether the benefits are in the form of food, possessions, vanity, or amusement.

And yet, each one of the awful practices that animal advocates protest passionately against — intensive confinement, enforced insemination, separation of mother and child, castration, de-horning, tail docking, de-beaking, mulesing, de-toeing, live scalding, force molting — all of these horrific procedures, and many more, exist because an ever-growing number of human consumers continue to create demand for animal products.

To an industry that views sentient beings as economic units — money-making machines — it is unavoidable that such violence will be viewed as an acceptable means to the end of delivering products that turn a profit. In any case, even if every one of the aforementioned practices were abolished, it would still be immoral and inexcusable to use other sentient beings as resources.

Increasing numbers of people are embracing veganism as the solution to the problems we experience as individuals and as a society — from our many health crises, to our environmental emergency, to the issue of escalating violence — all of which have us living in some degree of fear for the future.

Men and women all over the globe —simply by living as vegans — are demonstrating that there is no moral justification for the harm we inflict on animals. Although animal products are used in certain items for which there currently are no consumer alternatives — such as computers and car tires — there are alternatives that could easily be used in their manufacturing.

Some people might attempt to justify consumption of animal products for reasons of health. In addition, the public is beginning to realize that many of the major dangers associated with diet — heart disease, cancer, stroke, obesity, diabetes, and many, many more — are exacerbated by the consumption of animal products, and can actually be avoided by adopting a vegan diet.

What about our other uses of animals? Veganism is a simple matter of refraining from participating in unnecessary and harmful use of sentient beings.

It's Like, Totally Sexist - Corey Lee Wrenn, Ph.D.

As most people are naturally opposed to unnecessary violence, becoming and staying vegan is not a matter of changing any of our basic moral beliefs. It simply requires us to be willing to change the habits we have developed that prevent us from living according to our principles.

Every one of us has been conditioned by the propaganda of a highly speciesist society — a worldwide culture that is extremely prejudiced against the interests of those animals who did not have the good fortune to be born onto this planet in human form.

And yet, every one of us has the power to break free from this indoctrination. Is veganism a sacrifice? On the contrary, it is every non-vegan choice that sacrifices our own inherent goodness. Once you make the decision to live consistently with your values, the rewards — in the form of a healthier body, clearer mind, and more peaceful conscience — will be both profoundly apparent and a source of continuing joy.

Single issue campaigns unpopular vegan essays

But even if veganism does require us to give up some of our favorite foods, beloved items of clothing, and cherished habits, does that question really matter? The changes that veganism requires of us, and the rewards that veganism brings, are irrelevant to the true moral question: Is the taste of a particular food, or the way you feel in your favorite pair of shoes or your winter coat, more important than the life and freedom of another living, feeling being?

Dan Cudahy is author of Unpopular Vegan Essays:When White Makes Right: Racism, Neo-Colonialism, and Single-Issue Campaigns sexism in vegan advocacy is something that social justice activists should take seriously. Exploiting oppression to combat oppression is unlikely to be successful.

Filed under Essays. Tagged as Media, Sexism,  · Comparing and Contrasting the Animal Rights and Environmental Movements While some activists work on single issue campaigns such as fur, meat, or circuses; the broader goal is a vegan world where all animal use and exploitation is eliminated.

Similarities Between the Environmental and Animal Rights  · Those on both sides of the issue use quotes from religious texts either to justify unnecessary killing, or to validate the vegan ethic of nonviolence.

Eastern religions are no exception. Dan Cudahy is author of Unpopular Vegan Essays: Unpopular Essays Concerning Popular Violence Inflicted On Single-issue campaigns in animal rights. By Gary Smith on May 2, This post debuts a new feature on The Thinking Vegan: TTV Consortium.

In this series, we ask vegans engaged in different kinds of activism a question, and post their responses, to show a diversity of perspectives on the same topic. Unpopular Vegan Essays ATTRIBUTION: Where this blog references or discusses the property status of animals, welfarism, new welfarism, animals and the law, or single-issue campaigns, it is based on The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights as developed by Gary L.

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Single issue campaigns unpopular vegan essays

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