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To make a standard solution

Want a truly functional yet affordable EMR software? Just download and install our full-featured EMR software on your computer, customize it yourself according to your specialty needs, and try it in a loaded clinical environment. Keys available in the strengths of 4-user, 8-user, user, user, user and user for both the standard and certified versions of the program.

Contains all the features that clinical practices normally need. Certified version is for practices who are eligible for stimulus funding offered by the US government AND also want to avail that facility. Includes features of the standard version plus functionality needed to avail meaningful-use funding.

Incorporating the best of client-server and browser technologies, it is one of the most advanced EMR software in terms of functionality and user interface design. You can achieve the goal of office automation and paperless medical records through any technology solution but with our electronic medical records software, you will have a much smoother and easier transition at a mere fraction of the cost.

For a small practice, EMR implementation cannot go any easier and cheaper than this. Easy to learn, it usually takes just a few hours to know the EMR system in and out. Our state-of-the art browser technology and intuitive interface design ensures that even the providers and practitioners who are not computer savvy can learn it fast.

Yet, with integrated patient charting, prescription and refill management, document management, encounter and consult note generation, patient and resource scheduling, intra-office messaging and powerful customization features, this software is equally suitable for advanced users of medical electronic records systems.

Easy to use, all charts have a patient based layout. There is no need to back out to various sections of the EMR software to gain information.

Demographics, historical data, scanned documents, encounters, treatment plans, medications and charges are all within the patient's file, providing an instantaneous overview of patient's health and every other clinical aspect.

This sophisticated design allows users to review their entire workflow and manage clinical and administrative tasks from any point within the program.

And its charts look and feel very close to real paper charts which physicians are accustomed to, making it even more simple and one of the fastest EMR systems around. Whether you are a family physician or an internist, or a consultant such as neurologist, cardiologist, psychiatrist, pulmonary specialist or a therapist, you will find UniCharts electronic medical record system apt at documenting complex patient visits accurately and in less time.

Easy to install, it takes less than 5 minutes to complete the entire process. A wizard guides through simple steps to complete the installation of EMR software. No changes are made to your computer files or registry in any way.

Many electronic medical record systems require database to be installed and managed separately. It has been designed from the outset to be a Plug and Play electronic medical records software. Even a non-technical person can get the EMR system up-and-running in a short while. Easy to customize, the built-in customization tool in the EMR program provides amazing customization capabilities.

You can alter almost any part of the patient history and encounter forms to meet the workflow requirements of your medical specialty. You can create your own dropdown menus, list menus and toggle buttons.

You can even add, remove or relocate entire sections of the patient history and encounter forms with just a few clicks. Easy to maintain, installation of the EMR program is required on just one computer within the practice.

Authorized users log onto the EMR from any access point over the network simply using their Internet Explorer browsers.

To make a standard solution

Depending on the network configuration and security policy, patient medical records can be accessed from both local intranets and the Internet with equal ease, utilizing the same rich user interface in either case.

Built-in Live Update feature makes software updation a breeze. Database backups can be made with just a few clicks. You can even backup the entire EMR program on a USB flash drive, plug that drive onto another computer or network and start using it immediately.

To make a standard solution

If mobility is important, you can also install our software product directly on a high speed USB drive and then use it from there. Furthermore, it utilizes the best combination of current day software technologies to provide you with a dependable and long-term EMR software.

Database is the backbone of electronic medical record software. Unlike most low-priced EMR systems from other electronic medical records companies, our software does not rely on a desktop database to store your valuable data.

The limitations of a desktop database become apparent once the patient population becomes large, including decreased response time and frequent crashes. Despite its low price, UniCharts EMR software is bundled with a reliable and top-rated high performance database that is used by millions of mission critical applications worldwide, including many high-priced EMR systems.

Please see our technology page for more details. Easy on the budget, UniCharts EMR system is a one time investment as all license keys are for lifetime and never expire. As any emr comparison matrix or electronic medical record reviews would demonstrate, our product is one of the most affordable EMR software that provides the best ROI, if any ROI justification is required at this cost bracket at all.

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