Tv bad influence on kids

Violence Over the past few decades, hundreds of studies have examined how violent programming on TV affects children and young people. This effect is more powerful when the violence is portrayed realistically as in thrillers or police procedurals or when it is depictions of actual violence as in documentaries or news programs. While educational TV can be a good option for older children; those under the age of two get no benefit from it and suffer the same negative effects as those who watch commercial television. According to researchers, viewers feel an instant sense of relaxation when they start to watch TV—but that feeling disappears just as quickly when the box is turned off.

Tv bad influence on kids

Messenger Think about the last time you left the house. Did strangers on the street acknowledge your presence with a smile or avert their glance? Chances are that the answer depended on your age, gender and, of course, your race.

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There is no shortage of evidence that racism persists. Recently, high-profile incidents have focused attention on how people can be treated differently by authority figures, such as police officers, because of their race.

However the majority of discrimination experiences are much more subtle. In fact, subtle bias may actually be more mentally damaging than overt bias.

This is because overt bias can be more easily dismissed as ignorant. Our experiences, and our health, can be influenced by discrimination.

Discrimination may influence physical health through changes in stress physiology functioning. As an example, in African-Americans experiencing racism has been associated with higher evening cortisol levelswhich are considered unhealthy.

Similarly, a study among Hispanic youth found that racism experience was associated with higher cortisol levels across the day. Cortisol and other hormones in the stress physiology system are important for maintaining immune, reproductive and cardiovascular health. The quantity of evidence supporting the relationship between discrimination and physical health is staggering.

And yet discrimination may have even greater impacts than was initially recognized.

Tv bad influence on kids

Maternal health can influence offspring. Maternal health may influence offspring through exposure to hormones in pregnancy. For example, women with high stress hormones give birth to infants with lower birth weight. Since being born small increases risk for developing poor health in adulthood, factors impacting maternal stress hormones in pregnancy could also affect long term offspring health.

While racial discrimination has well known impacts on adult health, less research has focused on the potential for racial discrimination to influence health in the next generation.

However the studies that have been done suggest that there can be very important effects. For example, racial discrimination has been associated with lower birth weight.

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The author attributed this finding to an increase in racial discrimination experience among these women. I recently published an article that evaluated whether racial discrimination influences maternal and offspring stress physiology among a socioeconomically and ethnically diverse sample of women from Auckland, New Zealand.

I tracked women who were in the late stages of their pregnancy. What I found was that women who experienced discrimination had higher evening stress hormone levels in late pregnancy, consistent with a pattern of chronic stress.

When I followed up their infants at six weeks of age, I found that their children had elevated stress response to vaccination. These findings suggest that experience of racial discrimination may actually have biological impacts lasting across generations.Examples of TV quiz shows which could have had a bad influence on children.

First, TV is a bad influence on kids, because children who watch more TV are more likely to be overweight. For example, researchers Klesges, Shelton, and Klesges found that while watching television, the metabolic rate is slower than when just resting.

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Tv bad influence on kids

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The bad news is, the majority of experts think that a TV/video-driven culture has bad effects on kids – and may prevent kids from being smart. They cite the following: TV provides no educational benefits for a child under age 2. The Bad Influence of Movies on Our Children Words | 2 Pages How movies are a bad influence on kids Movies have a bad influence on the younger generation by exposing them to subliminal messages, racist values, sexist thoughts and ideas, and bad morals.

"Media's Influence on Youth" by Glen Dawursk, Jr.