Writing an explanation text about snow

Narrative text This example of narrative text about Cinderella story is one of popular articles for learning English text.

Writing an explanation text about snow

She felt tired of sitting on them. She just wished the eggs would break out. Several days later, she got her wish. The eggs cracked and some cute little ducklings appeared.

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However the largest egg had not cracked. The mother duck sat on it for several days. Finally, it cracked and a huge ugly duckling waddled out. The mother duck looked at him in surprise. He was so big and very gray. He didn't look like the others at all. He was like a turkey.

When the mother duck brought the children to the pond for their first swimming lesson. He is my very own son and quite handsome" the mother said proudly. However, the other animals didn't agree. They hissed and made fun of him day by day. Even his own sisters and brothers were very unkind.

The little poor duckling was very unhappy. One day, the ugly duckling run away and hid in the bushes.

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The sad duckling lived alone through the cold and snow winter. Finally the spring flowers began to bloom. While he was swimming in the pond, he saw three large white swans swimming toward him.

But the swans did not attack him. Instead, they swam around him and stroked him with their bills. As the ugly duckling bent his neck to speak to them, he saw his reflection in the water.

He could not believe his eyes. He was very happy. From that day on, he swam and played with his new friends and was happier than he had never been.Oct 19,  · Explanation text about snow menjelaskan tentang terjadinya pembentukan salju dari awal mula hingga akhir.

sumber: air sudah dekat. A Christmas unit of work based around the book by Alan Snow. The children analyse explanatory texts and extracts from the book before writing a page.

writing an explanation text about snow

***Includes worksheets*** Dead link to missing PowerPoint refers to Sue Palmer's writing skele /5(11). on a slope of snow can cause the slab of snow to start sliding” (Jones 17). ☐ - Transition words or writing prompts (What does the text SAY? Found on page XXX in the. A mentor text is a published piece of writing whose idea, whose structure, or whose written craft can inspire a student writing.

A mentor text can be a whole text or a small excerpt from one. If you have a favorite mentor text you use to inspire expository writing skills, you can share a review and explanation of how you use it here.

Contoh Explanation Text Tentang Banjir Dan Artinya Lengkap. Explanation text merupakan sebuah teks yang menjelaskan mengenai proses-proses yang terjadinya suatu hal atau peristiwa seperti fenomena alam, sosial, budaya dan lain sebagainya.

Contoh explanation text pun banyak macamnya, seperti terjadinya pelangi, terjadinya banjir, terjadinya hujan dan lain sebagainya. Dec 16,  · Snow White didn't want her uncle and aunt to do this, so she decided to run away.

The next day she ran away from home when her aunt and uncle were having breakfast.

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